Fashion & Textiles

Fashion Pilot Show 2018. Designers: Jonathan “Face” Faulkner, Jalisa Riels. Model: La’Mar. Video: Riley Teahan

The Fashion & Textiles department is a one year full-scholarship design foundation taught by a team of renowned fashion designers, artists, and industry professionals. Students learn from the unique and diverse heritage of craft, costuming and fashions in New Orleans; as well as being connected to the global fashion industry.

Our program emphasizes conscious material practices, handmade textiles, and up-cycling, through experimentation in both traditional craft and contemporary technologies.

The department was set up in collaboration with Assemble art and architecture collective in 2018, and its students have since worked on multiple exhibitions locally and internationally.

Image Credits (L–R):
1. Designer: Jdot Smith | 8.26 Studio. Photo: Kewon Hunter
2. Collection: Ty Hall. Collage: Jerné Barra
3. Designer: Daquine Hebert. Model: Angel Walker. Photo: Duval Timothy. Project: Tufting Gun Tapestries
4. Concept Collage: 8.16 Studio • Jdot Smith
5. Textile Collage: Tianté Wimberley
6. Naturally dyed yarns. Photo: Duval Timothy
7. Fashion & Textiles Studio. Photo: Jonathan Traviesa