Big Chief Demond Melancon. Photo by Duval Timothy

Our program includes classes in:

Fashion Design, Research, and Development
Sewing, Draping, and Patternmaking
Portfolio Design and Presentation
Digital and Hand Illustration
Technical Design

Natural Dye Techniques
Beading and Appliqué
Fabric Manipulation
Machine Knitting

Image Credits (L–R):
1. Designer and model, Christopher Maya, tufting. Photo: Duval Timothy
2. Designer: Christopher Michael. Model: Paula Bellz. Photo: Jonathan Traviesa
3. Massimo Andrade knitting with analog machine. Photo: Lucia Honey
4. Ronald Keith Lymuel dipping walnut dye sample into iron to change color. Photo: Lucia Honey
5. Designer: Ty Hall. Model: @goldglaze. Photo: TMC Photos
6. Eliza Wapner holds up Natori Green’s shibori sample. Photo: Lucia Honey
7. Hand-Beaded Corset. Designer: Marlence. Photo: Ryn Wilson
8. Indigo flower. Photo: Lucia Honey
9. Natori Green preparing shibori sample. Photo Lucia Honey

Fashion & Textiles