24 Carrot Garden

24 Carrot Garden provides youth gardening programs and fresh, pesticide-free produce to the Material Institute campus and local community.

We offer drop-in Afterschool and Saturday programs and pre-registered Garden Camps to youth ages 5 to 16. Participants learn Louisiana ecology, sustainable gardening practices, healthy cooking techniques, how to raise healthy and happy chickens and bees, and ways to express their creativity with plants.

We aim to excite youth about gardening and to instill a sense of care for our environment – plants, animals, soil, air, and water. Our goal is to center the interests and needs of participants in our programs to deliver connected and rich experiences in the garden.

We’re currently building an educational space featuring an outdoor kitchen, food production area, and garden market. Stay tuned to watch us grow!

Image Credits: Monwell Frazier, Aimée Toledano, Lucia Honey, Emily Neustrom