Womb Wellness Series

Youth Edition 

We’ll practice breath work, sound healing, singing, and Qi Gong. We will plant herbs that support womb wellness. There will be herbal offerings from our garden. Cupping and ear acupuncture available. Meal provided.

– Circle of Introduction
– Womb Journal Writing and Design
– Qi Gong, Yoga, Breath-work, Sound Healing
– Planting Womb Wellness Herbs
– Mirror Work Workbook led by Mama Ayanna
– Womb Chat, Goodie Bag Distribution

Tote Bags, Herbal Tinctures, Tea Blends, Journal, Mineral Salt Soak, Mirror Work Workbook

For youth ages 10–17. Limited space. Please Sign-Up below:

Sat June 10th
2120 Port St

24 Carrot Garden