Cultivation Residency Application

Our living classroom is rooted in plantcestral teachings cultivating a symbiotic ecosystem to empower intergenerational communities. We envision a liberated world where food justice prevails, fostering wholeness amongst all living beings. Through shared abundance, the land and humanity both heal.

Our Cultivation Residency is a cost-free, three-month program for plant artists, cultivators, home gardeners, and herbalists from New Orleans to connect to the ancestral teachings of culturally relevant plants. This is a space for budding learners to participate in a series of workshops and applied learning opportunities.

This program is for those who are at the start of their gardening journey and know very little about plant identification, cultivating, and harvesting. This is an introductory course for those who are new to gardening and want to learn how to establish their own garden at home.

Apply now through July 15th for the session that runs September–December.

24 Carrot Garden