Summer Camp Sign-Up

Campers learn to bead natural dyed material in a workshop with Marwan Pleasant

Registration for camp is currently closed.

We host camp during Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Summer, and Winter Break. Camp activities encompass our Garden, Fashion & Textiles, and Music programs.

In the Garden, campers plant seeds; water plants; feed chickens and worms; harvest eggs and produce; and prepare healthy meals to enjoy together. Sample garden dishes are cucumber salad, pickles, pesto, ratatouille, veggie ravioli, veggie quesadillas, and fruit sorbet.

Fashion & Textiles instructor, Eliza Wapner, taught students how to harvest and dye canvas bags using garden flowers.

The Embassy, our campus recording studio, invited students into the vocal booth to track a song. Embassy resident recording artist and music instructor, Giovanne Santos, taught rhythm making with Brazilian instruments. 

Special guests have included an Eritrean Chef, Potnas Pizza, and the Green Project. 

24 Carrot Garden