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Open Studio invites the New Orleans musical community to record in short sessions on Saturdays. Sessions may be used to create demos or to work on a single track. We will schedule additional studio time to mix and master the track if it is intended for release.

Please complete this form and an engineer will be in touch to schedule your session.

Note: Proof of a negative Covid test result is required to attend your session.

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What will we record at your session?(Required)
Is this recording a demo or a track that you would like to release? If you are recording a song with the intention to release it, additional mixing and mastering services are necessary from us or another engineer. Please select only one option.
Do you require cost-free mixing and/or mastering services? (Mixing and mastering are essential to produce a professional recording. Mixing is curating the relationship between the elements of a song, including determining the levels and tones of each element – kick, snare, bass, vocals, etcetera. Mastering is the process of polishing the whole track for commercial release. It ensures, among other things, that the loudness of the track is at a professional level.)

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