Music | The Embassy

Yung June performing “Illusions” live

The Embassy offers cost-free access to a recording studio, engineer, vocal lessons, and music business workshops to emerging recording artists in New Orleans.

Our programs – Recording Artist Residency, Sunday Sessions, and Open Studio – are dedicated for musical artists of all ages and genres.

Image Credits (L–R):
1. Sunday Sessions Artist, Gzg2ce. Photo: Lucia Honey
2. Xavier Molina album, Sky Boy
3. 2020 Embassy Resident, N’IYA ALEÏA SUN AND MOON. Photo: Reyna Hope
4. 2021 Embassy Resident, Pasha. Photo: Lucia Honey
5. Studio Gear. Photo Aimée Toledano
6. 2021 Embassy Resident, Makeout Shinobi. Photo: Lucia Honey
7. Sunday Sessions Artist, DmfJBraud. Photo: Lucia Honey