Material Institute
Material Institute 10-week Course Application

Material Institute is a new space for design and manufacture of garments, textiles and fashion, with a focus on learning through hands on experimentation. It opened with a pilot in November 2018, carrying through to Mardi Gras 2019. We are now running a 10 week program, which would begin in March. If you are selected through this application process you would not need to pay a fee.

The space is founded on the belief in the value of free high quality education for all; and the learning environment as a community and place for experimentation and expression. Material Institute grows out of the incredible, unique and diverse heritage of craft, costuming and fashions of New Orleans.

The tools include industrial sewing machines, a large dye sublimation printer and heat press, weaving loom, natural dye facilities, as well as many more hand tools and materials.

Material Institute: 10-Week Course Application